Card of the Month!

Added: 12 November 2016

Dear Serge,

I couldn't find an effusive enough 'Thank You' card but I thought this one would enhance your standing in the office!

To be serious, I can't thank you enough for your help and encouragement in choosing a replacement car. You understood my anxiety and did everything possible to allay my fears. I have had brand new cars in the past and on all occasions the salesman has handed me the keys and off I went. You went the extra mile and accompanied me on my first drive - such a special thing to do. And then a wave 'Goodbye' as well!

And to top it all off, a gift of chocolates as well, its a long time since a nice young man brought me chocolates!

Thanks so, so much.


P.S. Its the first time I've written a thank you to a garage. I already love my Rio - and it fits snugly into my garage!