We Sponsor Chobham Rugby Clubs Youth Officer Liam Cranford

Added: 02 October 2013

West End Garage Kia is delighted to announce its support ofLiam Cranford and Chobham Rugby Club to help push their community programmeforwards encouraging local kids to get active and enjoy rugby. West End GarageKia has supported Liam and his team by providing a new Kia cee’d enabling theYouth Officer to be on-time for each training session.

The vehicle was handed over to Liam by the West End GarageKia team. The cee’d which sports the Chobham Rugby Club and West End Garage Kiabranding is fun and instantly recognisable on the road. Chobham Rugby Club’scommunity programme has provided a total of 23 Primary Schools, SecondarySchools and Colleges the opportunity to take part in rugby activities throughcurricular and extra-curricular sessions, as well as tournaments during the2012/13 season. Last season’s sessions reached roughly 800 students and theteam are hoping to increase this number to over 1,000 local children takingpart in rugby.

Damian Dunne, Principal Dealer at West End Garage Kia,commented: “We are absolutely thrilled to be able to support Liam. He doesfantastic work within the local community getting children active; So much sothat our Sales Manager Andrew MacDonald felt we should all get behind him,which led to my sister Geraldine designing the stunning graphics for the Kiacee’d and Mike Tropia from Sign Wright who produced the wrap and fitted themonto the car. We are very excited to be able to help support Liam on his questto get everyone enjoying rugby!”