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If you’re having problems with your Kia tyres, you need to have your vehicle seen to immediately by one of the West End team. Do you find that you’re constantly having to pump up one tyre because the pressure seems to disappear from it all the time?

Not only does this put your petrol and diesel bill up, it leads to increased wear and tear on your tyres. There’s a strong chance you have a slow puncture. You might have the opposite problem and your tyres might be overinflated. If that’s the case, you’re much more likely to suffer the shock (particularly when driving at speed) or a tyre blowing out.

If your tyres all have different pressures, that’s going to cause a couple of major issues. Your tyre tread will wear down much quicker and if your tread falls below 1.6mm, it’s illegal to drive your car and you must get it replaced immediately.

Different tyre pressures can also cause your tyres to wear unevenly. This is going to quickly cause issues with your tyre inflation, suspension, and alignment. Want to speak to car experts on your tyres? Call the service department today or drive over for a chat.

We now supply and fit tyres on site!!!! Please call our expert service team for a quotation.